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Privatal Values
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Our commitment is to maintain the highest standards in everything we undertake. Privatal places a strong emphasis on providing the leading service, and we work tirelessly towards this goal. We employ a superior recruitment process, utilizing specialized knowledge and techniques that surpass those of other firms.


Our focus is on long-term recruitment strategies, as we aspire to establish ourselves as the default partner of choice for Private Equity. This applies equally to our relationships with both clients and candidates - they are built to last. We foster partnerships, consistently exchanging information, expertise, and practical recommendations.

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Continuous Learning

Solving problems is a dynamic and intricate process. Our team remains vigilant at all times, continuously seeking out emerging talent, establishing new connections, staying up-to-date on industry developments, and identifying overarching trends. This strategic approach helps us remain proactive while empowering our clients to stay ahead of the curve and maintain their competitive edge.


We believe in treating everyone with respect and kindness: it's the foundation on which positive relationships are built. Our team not only shares a good camaraderie at work, tackling challenges as a team, but also outside of it. We stand united as a team in our unwavering commitment to our mission.

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We move in tandem with the fast-paced Private Equity market. We operate with a constant sense of urgency, constantly having our finger on the pulse to ensure we are delivering the best possible outcomes for our stakeholders. Our unmatched expertise, combined with our exceptional speed of execution, puts us in a league of our own, leaving no room for competition.


We are each responsible for our own success and treat our business as if it were our own. We are accountable to our colleagues, clients and candidates alike. We approach our work with the same level of passion, commitment, hard-work, and self-motivation as if we founded the business.

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We approach every obstacle with resilience and determination, utilizing our creativity and expertise to find innovative talent solutions that keep our clients moving forward. Our bouncebackability enables us to recover quickly from set-backs, learn from challenges and to emerge stronger.


We are specialists in Senior Finance + M&A Recruitment for PE-backed businesses

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