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Bored of competing against 3-4 agencies? Do you want to be a genuine consultant and be rewarded as one?

Privatal places senior finance talent in Private Equity backed businesses: 80% of our roles are exclusive or retained & our consultants deal directly with CEOs, CFOs & Investors.

Our average fee is €94,000 & we have far too much demand - so are actively hiring experienced consultants, researchers & managers.

Our consultants are on a commission scheme that goes up to 45%, and we want people who are hungry enough, and see it as achievable, to surpass annual billings of €500,000.


Director Fast-Track

We have a 7-year plan that sees us growing to 140 staff across Dubai, London, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm & Amsterdam, and we have an excellent platform & Private Equity market to achieve this in.

We now need leaders who are ambitious enough to shape this future.

Autonomous Working

We have grand ambitions of becoming the leading European Private Equity player and work hard to achieve this. However, we want great, self-motivated people that are driven enough to take this journey with us (and reap great rewards in the process). We despise micromanagement and encourage flexibility, both in your day & geographically. We do away with KPIs.

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While somewhat cliché, we do believe our people to be our greatest asset; we put our awards where our mouth is, though (we were recognised as the best place to work in 2022)! We have a structured 10-day training programme; but our philosophy isn't to have one-off training sessions, rather to re-enforce learning on a weekly basis. We also host regular peer/manager training sessions to cover everything from negotiations to interview preparation.


We see Privatal's role as helping our people to fulfil their potential and promptly moving them up the ladder. We have clear-cut, transparent promotion pathways for managers & non-managers alike, and want you to grow from Consultant to Director/Partner, while the business grows under you.


We are actively recruiting across all areas of the business. For a confidential discussion to talk about how you might fit into Privatal, please apply below:

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