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Sourcing the best Portfolio Finance
+ M&A Talent

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Privatal helps PE & VC transform their portfolio businesses, by bringing on best-in-class Senior Finance + M&A Talent

We nurture long-term partnerships with our clients, enabling us to get the deepest understanding and offer a tailored service that has a genuine impact on portfolio business' finance + M&A functions.

We can just fill jobs; however, where we add most value is through identifying and addressing your business' problems with the best people solutions.

We can help your Pan-European portfolio business with both Permanent & Interim CFOs / FDs; M&A; Senior Finance Talent.

Other clients that trust Privatal

Value add

We can just fill jobs; however, where we add most value is through helping identify and address your business' problems with the best people solutions. We not only uncover the best talent; but also guide our clients and help shape their recruitment strategies.


We understand the time constraints our clients face and that getting it right the first time round counts. We meet any candidate first to rigorously screen them through in-depth, competency-based interviews & take relevant references so you don't have to.

Network Leverage

We have a vast network of Private Equity finance + M&A candidates and, while we can market map & 'search', it means we can deliver high-calibre talent at speed when it most counts. Our unique exposure to the PE Finance space means we know what great looks like.

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some clients Really like us

"Privatal have been efficient, fast and flexible in helping AnaCap to find the right CFO for our portfolio company. Their ‘Finance only’ focus gave us comfort in the depth and quality of the candidates presented to us. We much appreciate Privatal’s support and have gone back to them for more mandates since the initial engagement."

Jamal Ismayilov, Managing Director

AnaCap Financial Partners

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We support private equity investors through the first steps of the deal cycle: connecting them to origination & deal sourcing professionals, as well as CFOs/ Advisors to help with Due Diligence and getting deals over the line.


Post-deal revolves around evaluating leadership and analysing gaps. Privatal supports investors by bringing in new seasoned senior finance/ M&A talent that creates depth of Data and sets up the respective functions for the growth / transformation to come.

✓ Mid-Cycle

With the right senior talent now in place, Private Equity investors look to strengthen the core: Privatal supports CFOs and M&A Heads by placing the teams underneath them.

Privatal will also replace legacy leaders that were given a shot; but weren't PE Calibre.

✓ Exit

Finance teams who successfully shape and grow a business may not be right for the exit stage. Privatal supports Private Equity Investors by connecting them Exit-experienced CFOs; whether as permanent replacements that inspire confidence in the buyers; or as interim/ advisory support.

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