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PRIVATAL Sponsoring Zurich SuperReturn

Privatal are sponsoring the SuperReturn drinks reception in Zurich next week 🍸🍾

Despite Covid, meeting in person is still important, and we don't get as much face-time with our DACH Private Equity Partners as we'd like to, so we're sponsoring the SuperInvestor Drinks reception to make up for it!

Our very own Julian Hove will be there before, during and after the conference in Zurich, before starting the rest of his DACH tour 😅

If you're at the SuperReturn, pop by the drinks reception on the 16th or reach out directly to Julian on / +44 20 3834 2030 if you can't make that day.

See you there 🤝

Your Career

To discuss your future in private equity, reach out to us here. We can provide guidance on factors to consider when assessing a new role, such as the firm's size and reputation, investment strategies and sectors of focus, level of responsibility and autonomy, opportunities for career growth, compensation package, and the culture and values of the firm.

About Privatal

Privatal are specialists in Executive and Senior finance + M&A Recruitment for Private Equity Backed businesses. We specialise in recruiting private equity portfolio companies.

Despite only being on the market for 2 years, we've grown to 22 PE specialists & won the 'Best Private Equity Recruitment Agency' at the UK Business Awards in 2022.

To tap into our huge portfolio of Private Equity experienced portfolio talent, reach out to us here.


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