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Waterland backed Leupold is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of packaging solutions and sales displays. Leupold’s portfolio of products and services includes folding cartons, blister cards, blank cuts, corrugated packaging, displays and collapsible cartons, as well as individualised custom-made products. It manufactures around 1.5 million state-of-the-art packaging items on a daily basis.


With this being a primary acquisition for Bregal, they needed a CFO to firstly build up the finance function, upskill the existing team, implement new systems, and create proper transparency and depth to the numbers. Secondly, the CFO needed to take pressure off the CEO-Founder, who hadn't been PE backed before.


Privatal were selected for the search, with the goal of delivering a strong shortlist of immediately available candidates at extreme speed, as Theobald didn't have a senior finance person to hold the fort and the pressure was mounting on the existing management team.


The successful CFO was one of two potential candidates: both of which were introduced within 2 days of the search kicking off. The first was so strong that Bregal were ready to make an offer. They then met the second candidate, who was even better and was subsequently offered the job.

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