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Ufenau Capital Partners backed CORIUS Group is the largest network of dermatology and phlebology practices in Germany and Switzerland. Forward-looking, innovative and holistic, they ensure each member benefits from targeted synergies within the network, centralised management systems and continuous knowledge sharing. They have a strong focus on bringing the latest technology.


Ufenau had Corius for a few years; but were moving the CFO into one of their other portfolio companies, so needed an urgent replacement. The new CFO would also need to take much broader responsibility (from only accounting to the full finance function). Healthcare + buy&build + exit experience was a must.


Privatal were asked to step in with fresh profiles. These were asked to be delivered at pace and in more concise numbers than a fully fledged long-list. Key criteria were experience in healthcare, well versed in roll-ups and comfortable in leading an exit.


Ufenau had a long ongoing search with multiple recruiters that didn't yield any results. When Privatal were engaged on the search, we placed the CFO with a single-solution CV that was sent within 36 hours of the first briefing.

Hear froM the Candidate

"I worked with Privatal as a candidate in the CFO arena. They are very well connected in the Private Equity world and therefore have a good market knowledge and an excellent network. This was the key to establish very good connections to PE-Firms which in the end led to the perfect fit position in a challenging buy-and-build project.

My experience with Privatal has been very positive. They have been very supportive and helpful along the path from starting the search to the final signature - and even beyond. I would again work with Privatal in the future and recommend them as a "must have" to anyone, who is looking for a new role in PE."


Gary Rölle, CFO

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